Artists of Big Cottonwood Canyon

Numerous artists, both professional and amateur, are fortunate enough to call Big Cottonwood Canyon home either full or part-time. Some draw direct inspiration from the beautiful natural surroundings, while others find it a peaceful place to explore a variety of subjects. Several of artists are involved with the Institute, creating events that promote the arts and art education in the canyon.


Carolyn keigley

Carolyn was born and raised in the Rockies of Utah and has also lived in the Tahoe area and in the mountain of British Columbia. She currently has her studio at top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Brighton, Utah. Carolyn received her B.A. and M.A. at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Davis campus’ and at Humboldt State University. She had the opportunity of studying with international artists such as Wayne Thiebold, R.C. Gorman, William T. Willey, and Roy Deforest.


lisa benson engelhard

Lisa has enjoyed exposure to art and design through her studies in landscape architecture and her many years of practice in the field. She has always jumped at the opportunity to get out in nature, to savor the breathtaking natural landscapes and to take in the intricate details of the beautiful plant life which graces those landscapes. Taking the first step into oil painting felt like a natural progression for Lisa, with the gifts of mother nature as her inspiration. She has been blessed to make this transition under the gentle guidance of renowned artist Susan Gallacher, owner of King's Gallery and Academy of Art.

After the fire 2018.jpg

lise sorensen brunhart

Originally trained as a luthier ( VMSA,class of ’81 ), Lise Sorensen Brunhart is both a visual artist and musician, while working as a cell biologist at University of Utah’s Program in Molecular Medicine.

Artistically she works in watercolor, wood block printing, and oil media. Her images are inspired by nature and primitive folk art. In music, she performs on flute and on a viola of her own making in classical ensembles (Wasatch Fault String quartet, Elegance String Trio), and in eclectic improvisational music (Ensemble Que Faire).


Keith stebbings

Keith is an amateur artist who began his artistic exploration during the pre-Bob Ross era of Bill Alexander (c1978 PBS). He enjoys expressing himself with a palette knife, but is beginning to venture into the the use of brushes. He renders a multitude of subjects with pencil, charcoal and oil. He is not yet settled on any one medium, although he is particularly well-versed in the use of oils. Keith heartily embraces the challenges that come with painting outdoors (En Plein Air), and is a thoughtful painter who continually works to gain experience and develop more confidence in his artistic skills.

Keith teaches skiing and snowboarding full-time every winter at the Brighton Snowsports School. He makes his home in Brighton, which also houses his studio. He volunteers with the Brighton Institute as a Guide for the Brighton History Tour and manages the Institute’s Booth at the Big Cottonwood Canyon Flea Market.


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